Wednesday, November 18, 2009

19 weeks and a new goal

What is there to say?  The past month was a roller coaster for me with my eating/working out.  I'd be on track for a few days, then off, then on, then off.  Throw in some vacation eating and you've got me feeling all sorts of bad about myself and my progress.  March 31st will be one year and I'd love to be at my goal weight.  I know I can do it, people have lost 100 lbs in a year for goodness sakes!

Weighing in Saturday morning (I wrote this then and forgot about it!), I have 25ish lbs to go (which freakin' sucks because I got down to 21 lbs to go and threw that out the window), and 19 weeks until the end of March.  Obviously, this is totally doable, just over a pound a week and I'll be there.  I CAN DO IT.  Duh, I know I can do it, but will I let myself succeed?  Will I push myself and make the right choices when I'd rather sit on my butt and eat pumpkin pie and wine (ahem, Friday night...)?  Yesterday I flubbed it up again, but I'm human and this is real life, and I made the choices yesterday, even though they were bad ones.  I can and will make the good choices.

I am going to start doing weekly weigh ins, putting it out there for the world to see.  Notice I didn't post on here this last month?  It's because I was gaining weight!  I need to hold myself accountable and put it in writing even though I hate that.

Here's what I'll be doing to reach my goal:

*20-30 min morning walk with the dog every day
*Alternating cardio/strength training in evenings, at least 30 min 5 days/week - combo of elliptical, stationary bike, or 30DS at home, treadmill and stair stepper at gym, and Sparkpeople strength training videos
*Sticking with The Daily Plate daily calorie guide of 1,331, adjusting to eating more if I feel my body needs it if I have an extra long workout
*Tracking with The Daily Plate
*Weigh in weekly and post