Tuesday, January 12, 2010

I'm back, for real this time!

I quit for a bit.  Over the holidays I just quit.  I was lazy, I ate whatever I wanted (and then some) and I felt like crap.  I had no motivation and my mood was souring as each day went on.  I didn't want to blog or write about my feelings because I did not want to address them. 

Finally, I pulled myself up by the bootstraps and started working out and eating healthy again and I feel 100 million times better.  I have been back to the lifestyle I want for a little over a week now and my mood has improved and my outlook is brighter.  I want to be a healthy, active, happy person.  Weight loss will be an added bonus, but I really need to address the issues in my life that stress me out and why I turn to food and laziness to cope with those feelings.  Being skinny won't make me feel better, but exercise and eating right obviously do. 

I received Jillian Michael's No More Trouble Zones for Christmas and I tried it out for the first time on Saturday morning.  I only made it through 75% of the DVD but I was SORE!  J and I have decided to have a Sunday morning tradition of going on this 2 mile hike with our dog before work and I completely forgot about that as I let Jillian kick my butt.  The actual hike felt great but afterwards at work on Sunday and all day Monday I could barely walk.  Seriously, I just hobbled around very slowly and had to raise and lower myself with my arms.  Slight exercise fail, but it was funny because all day Monday I could feel my body itching to exercise even though I had almost zero mobility.  My body likes it!

I am going to try and structure my workouts for the week so that I don't run in to this problem again.  Right now I am thinking:

Mon- Cardio DVD at home
Tues- Step + Sculpt class @ gym
Weds- Cardio at gym before work
Thurs- Strength Training DVD at home
Fri- Cardio DVD at home
Sat- rest day
Sun- 2 mile hike

In regards to my eating I am focusing on eating lots of fruits and veggies and trying to stay away from processed and artificial food when possible.  I have not been entering my food into The Daily Plate but I have been counting calories in my head and keeping within the range they have suggested for me.  I am working on intuitively eating, eating because of hunger not emotions.

As for my weight, I am committing myself to only weighing in on Fridays.  I do not want to be attached to the scale and I will not let the number dictate my outlook on the day.

I feel refreshed and ready to start my healthy lifestyle!