Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Meds Update

Well, I didn't weigh in last week because I didn't want to see the damage.  I wrote a bit ago about starting on some anti-anxiety medication which killed my appetite and was the reason for three solid weeks of 2+lb losses.  I loved it!  However, this medication also dropped my already low blood pressure level and I couldn't get out of bed without passing out.  A day of bed rest, lots of fluids, and stopping that medication ASAP was their cure.  Well, my appetite came raging back and I was also dealing with the emotional shift from the abrubt stopping of the medication.  It has not been pretty. 

They started me up on a new medication and I know that this is a terrible thing to say, but I was hoping I would have some appetite loss like I did with the other medication to get my weigh-ins back on track.  Can't believe I said that out loud, because that is totally not the reason I was taking the meds, but it was a fun side effect (until I stopped and it came right back so I KNOW it is not a good thing).  I'm working on getting in exercise and busying myself with projects around the house when I'm home from work so I don't stuff my face, and I'm hoping that this new medication will help with the anxiety without knocking me out again.

I don't really want to weigh in on Friday because I loved seeing those numbers go down but maybe it will motivate me.  It was SO nice to see a number in the 150s!


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