Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I need to admit I have a problem

I have a problem.

Now, fixing the problem is the hard part.  I have a problem with emotional eating and it seems to be getting worse, or maybe I'm more aware of it.  I have lost 40lbs and while I have been maintaining that (miraculously considering my up and down eating) the way I deal with my issues and food is not healthy.

When I'm stressed, I eat.  When I'm bored, I eat.  When I go out with the girls, I eat.  I have been having a serious sweet and salty and carby tooth lately too, so it's not like I'm cramming my face with fruits and veggies.  I seem to go up and down, half the week I listen to the angel on my shoulder and half the week I listen to the devil.

I really need to address this ASAP because although I've lost weight, this is about my health and this is not something I should be putting my body through.

I'm heading off to the library to get some books.  I've been reading about a lot of people who are reading the Becks book so I'll try to find that and others that focus on overcoming emotional eating.


Holly L. said...

I have the very same problem! It is so tough to try to work through it. I feel like I've come at this from every single angle and I've NEVER reached my goal weight... ever. I've decided that I'm just going to apply pressure and not let up until I get there. I love, love, love the library. I hope you find some good reads there!

Thinspired said...

Hi there, and thanks for commenting on my blog. Indeed, Fraiche is too delicious for words.

I think that are so many people out there who emotionally eat and don't even know it. The first part is recognizing it, and that took me a long time to do. I have huge struggles with emotional eating as well, since food is tied to such a wide range of emotions for me.

Have you read the book "Fit From Within"? I recommend it to everyone I know--it is truly an amazing little book. Random I know, but I can't say it enough!