Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's a team effort

A couple of great things have happened this week!

1.  I got new running shoes!  I was fitted and found these beauties which have made all the difference in the world:
I love them!  The day after I picked them up I ran two miles on the treadmill.  TWO MILES!!  I need to name them, I love them so much.  I never would have been able to imagine running one mile and now I'm up to two.   It's just incredible to me!

2.  I added my husband onto my gym membership and we went together last night.  It was really nice to have a gym buddy!  We did cardio separately and then did strength training together somewhat.  It is great that he's getting into fitness as well and that we can go together now.  I felt bad leaving to go to the gym instead of spending the evening with him the past few weeks.  

3.  The scale is going in the right direction, finally!


Nicole, RD said...

That's a lot to be happy about! Nice!

Glad you won the Larabar lead me to your blog!