Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Well that was humbling...

I finally moved into week 2 of C25K! I can definitely feel the difference between running 60 and 90 seconds, and it's not as fun right now but I know once I get used to it I'll like it as much as week 1. I'm hoping, at least!

Since I didn't get on the exercise bike last night (Rags was feeling a little under the weather, most likely due to stress from his adventure, and I just wanted to be lazy with him) I decided I'd take advantage of my hour lunch break today by getting some exercise in. The hour lunch break is one of the many perks with my new job and I need to utilize the time. It's not like it takes an hour to eat lunch and if I don't watch out I may end up shopping for an hour like I did last week.

The only problem = red face. I get really, really flushed when I exercise and now as I sit at my desk I look like a tomato. Not cute. Any solutions? I need to figure something out, but I'm thinking there might not be a cure.

About two long blocks away from where I work is a high school with a gorgeous new track and I couldn't wait to try it out. I've never actually run on a track before that I can recall, so this was all new. Even with the lack of shade there was a nice breeze and I was confident and ready to go. 5 minute warm up done, I got two intervals in when I hear a stampede of adolescents behind me. Apparently P.E. starts at 1:30 and running the track was on today's agenda. Not wanting to get in their way but also not done with my exercise I got off the track and headed to the bleachers to run up and down for a while. While on the bleachers I couldn't help but notice how fast they were running. Even the kids who didn't dress for P.E. and had to run in jeans and chucks were running faster that I had and they made it look effortless! I know it's not a competition, but man, I wish I could run like that.